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AquaXcel 1.5mm - 55lb

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Protein: 50%


55lb bag

Introducing a new line of starter feeds for aquaculture, designed to achieve great nutrient delivery during the challenging early stages. AQUAXCEL applies the latest technology in nutrients and manufacturing to increase stability and facilitate consumption.

Actual nutrient delivery has a tremendous impact on the real profitability of the pond!


Exact size:

AQUAXCEL offers a high concentration of nutrients in very small, extruded particles. Each particle has the appropriate dimensions for the size of the animal, which facilitates consumption. Furthermore, the particles are homogeneous helping to reach a similar growth rate across the pond.

Balanced formula:

AQUAXCEL offers highly available amino acids and precisely balanced sources of energy to help ensure protein is used for growth and muscle development. Additionally, the right balance of vitamins and other key nutrients at each stage of the starting period helps to improve survival rates.

Superior technology:

All variables (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc) are precisely controlled in order to enhance and preserve the nutrient content of raw materials. Furthermore, the extrusion process increases stability in water and reduces nutrient leaching. By providing a higher value in each feed particle, AQUAXCEL helps producers to reduce the real operational costs.

AQUAXCEL increases pond profitability by improving the cost-benefit ratio and by helping to reach high survival rates and rapid growth.

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AquaXcel 1.5mm - 55lb

AquaXcel 1.5mm - 55lb

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