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Algae Disks 33lb

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Zeigler Algae Discs is a complete and well balanced, sinking diet for aquatic herbivores such as Plecos and Algae-Eaters.
The highly digestible ingredients come from an array of plant sources plus several marine products to increase palatability,
digestibility and coloration. Wheat Germ, high levels of stable Vitamin C, and Brewers Yeast are included to promote healthy
gill, fin and tissue development. Plus this diet has been formulated to reduce waste and increase water clarity.

Product Specifications
Particle Size: Disc
Packaging: 33 lb bag
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight while using the first
in, first out practice.
Shelf Life: Maintains nutritive value up to 1 year if properly stored and handled

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Algae Disks 33lb

Algae Disks 33lb

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